“Bob and Kelly Parr worked alongside Shiloh Place Ministries for four years, since relocating to the USA from their previous ministry base in Malaysia. Their growing experience and understanding of agape love is motivating them as they travel to the nations sharing the keys for transformation that have borne fruit in their own family. Wherever they travel, the feedback from those they meet attests to their character, transparency, humility and godliness. The Parr’s have the ability to help others find the freedom they themselves enjoy.”

Mark Burlinson - Executive Pastor - Christ Community Church - Conway, South Carolina

“Bob and Kelly bring a unique and life transforming message…..
Bob ministers in “men” settings, Kelly ministers in “women” settings; they team up and focus on both marriage and non-marriage relationships. They can adapt their messages to secular settings as well as a variety of Christian settings, using language and perspective to put the listeners at ease, so they can receive with fewer barriers. The Parr’s have many creative approaches, including health & nutrition, healing of relationship wounds, Seminars geared toward family relationships, and of course sharing their many & varied experiences while serving in SE Asia for many years.”

“Freedom Quest International carries a vital message for our time: the Biblical truth concerning the amazing, generous, and unconditional love of our Heavenly Father and how that reality impacts us setting us free from every aspect of our broken lives, regardless of whether we are coming from dysfunctional or seemingly normal families or forefathers. This burning passion comes from years of Bob & Kelly’s struggles over personal doubts and strongholds arising from an unfortunate dysfunctional family background as well as lies from our own selves and the world. Bob and Kelly are truly divinely ordained, equipped and called of God for such a time as ours in spreading the Truth concerning our Father’s unconditional love and by so doing, setting us free (John 8:32: “ And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”) .

Peter Ng, - Host Pastor - China


As Kelly’s previous pastor, I would like to recommend her to you. Kelly and her husband Bob were a part of our fellowship for four years and have been dedicated workers. She is grounded in the Word and balanced in her world view. She is not a fad seeker and has not pursued building her own ministry. Kelly has really been a team player and as a pastor that means a lot to me. You will find her cooperative, teachable and open to suggestions. She knows how to hear from God, so I’m sure this will be a profitable endeavor for each place she goes.

Phillip Miles - Senior Pastor - Christ Community Church - Conway, South Carolina


When I first met Bob Parr I was impressed by his enthusiasm and his commitment to do whatever God put in his heart. At that time I was living in Penang Malaysia and Bob and his family had just moved there. That was 20 years ago and after all these years, Bob is still passionate and committed to doing what God has called him to. Bob Parr is one of the few people I know who understands how to reach out to people at their point of need, and help them while at the same time, showing them genuine love. I believe in Bob and Kelly Parr!

Jack Harris - President “Global Messenger Service” - St. Louis, Missouri

“I appreciate the quiet approach Bob and Kelly use. As everyone is listening to the stories and teaching, very subtly the Spirit packs a punch that catches people unaware and vulnerable to the Holy Spirit’s work. I believe the utter transparency of Bob and Kelly is what gives permission for the attendees to look into their own hearts with a genuine desire to know the truth and to achieve the same degree of freedom that was evident in our speakers!”

Ruth Dyhr - Host - China


“Bob and Kelly spent two weekends of ministry at New Life Church in Mossel Bay, South Africa. Their ministry on The Father’s Heart had a profound and lasting impact on many lives. Their style, demeanour and humour were well received. Their transparency in sharing their life experiences ensures that what they share is from the heart and not just theory. The unanimous consensus among the New Life family was that Bob and Kelly must be invited back. We are planning to do just that!”

Zane & Erica Caetano - Senior Pastors - New Life Church - Mossel Bay, South Africa

Heart of the Father
“Bob, since praying the father's blessing over my step-son and hugging him, his relationship with his father has improved each day. Some generational bondages are being broken and his heart is being healed as a result of the ministry God has given you guys. Thanks.”– USA

"I love you, thank you for this message. I needed to hear about forgiving my dad. When you said I need to forgive him, it was hard; my dad had me upside down - I hated him! Today I am beginning to forgive him! Thank you sir!" – Cambodia

“Dear Brother Bob, I still see the smile beaming from your face and the zeal to serve the Nigerian Pastors in whatever capacity the Lord wants. Your humility flows from the depth of God’s love in your heart. Bob, truly you are a man of God and your life is an epistle to us.” - Nigeria

“Dear Sir, I want to say that no pastor has ever embraced and pray for me as you did. I am elated and fill loved. I want to say that the good Lord will remember all your good deeds” - Cambodia

“Thank you for an amazing weekend, I know the fruit will remain. Bob, man, you are a hero for me. You knocked the ball out of the park each session, and especially on Sunday morning. Kelly, thank you for your commitment to put this thing together and your willingness to open your heart to show us God's grace. Our people were blessed and greatly ministered to.” - Pastor Sean, Texas


Sweet Encounter – Song of Solomon Weekends
“My experience with Sweet Encounter was definitely what it says - a Sweet Encounter with Jesus! I have never experienced that kind of Intimacy with God. It stirred so many emotions in me that I never felt before! The healthy desserts were delicious and the friendships were priceless!” - Cindy, South Carolina

During our Sweet Encounter, I had a revelation of how much God loves me. He wants to dance and romance me. I am valuable, loved and desired. My awareness of His love continues to increase. Thanks Kelly for unlocking this awesome revelation in my heart.” - Teresa, South Carolina

Well done Kelly! If you look over your shoulder you’ll realize that there is a big crowd of weary and discouraged women walking behind you. They draw hope, courage and inspiration from you daring to believe that there is a way to freedom, life and wellness and you are opening the path for them!” – Jennie, Malaysia


Empowerment Weekends
“This weekend was eternal for me, my spirit is so free!” – Debi, Kansas

“This weekend was indescribable!” – Malaika, Missouri

“God is so amazing, his love is unconditional and His acts are breathe-taking!” – Anita, Missouri

“This entire weekend was tailor made just for me!” – Kenya, Missouri

“I experienced His very presence and came home with lots of gold nuggets!” – Theresa, Kansas

We are a product of the teachers we have sat under and owe much gratitude to each.

Our parents. Without them we would not be here!
Our children. Who have been our greatest teachers of life, extended much grace and an abundance of forgiveness. We are so proud of each one of them.

Many teachers throughout the years have impacted our lives; Christ for the Nations, Institute in Dallas Texas. Youth With a Mission. Many invested their very lives into ours. Shiloh Place Ministries, employees and their volunteers whom we hold dear to our hearts and last but not least, the Pastors God has placed over us throughout our lives – we have been forever changed.

Each one along our journey has imparted a facet of who God is and has brought us closer in knowing Him intimately as a Father.

We are deeply grateful.


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